Street Art Meets Augmented Reality in Innovative Collaboration

AR Mural By Pilpeled X Yarin Lidor

Tel Aviv, Israel – Street artist Pilpeled and AR artist Yarin Lidor have joined forces to bring a new dimension to Tel Aviv’s Beit Roman street art with their stunning AR mural. A large mural now comes to life through an Instagram filter, accessible to passers-by with their mobile phones.

AR Mural By Pilpeled X Yarin Lidor

A wooden box with instructions for scanning the AR mural and unlocking the immersive augmented reality experience is located next to the painting. In addition to using the back camera to view the mural in a new way, the filter also features a front camera that allows users to try on face masks inspired by Pilpeled’s design.

This innovative collaboration combines Pilpeled’s artistic talent with Lidor’s expertise in AR, offering a unique and interactive way to experience art in the public realm.d

“We are thrilled to bring this project to our community in Tel Aviv and worldwide and offer a new way to engage with Pilpeled’s street art” said Lidor.

To access the augmented reality experience, users can find the Mural inside Beit Romano in Tel Aviv and scan the QR code from the wooden box with a smartphone. 

Abrakadabra is also available as a print and a puzzle at Pilpeled’s store.

AR Mural By Pilpeled X Yarin Lidor

AR Mural For Artists

Augmented reality (AR) murals combine traditional mural painting with technology to create immersive, interactive experiences. The AR mural can be brought to life with additional elements like moving images, sound, or animation when viewed on a smartphone with an app or special filter. Artists can benefit from producing an AR mural in several ways. Firstly, they can help the artist’s work reach a greater audience and make a more significant impact.

The use of technology can allow artists to reach a wider audience, potentially attracting more attention and engagement than traditional murals. Furthermore, Instagram Filters as AR murals allow artists to experiment with different mediums and techniques and contribute to fresh, innovative approaches to street art. Additionally, AR murals can create new income streams for artists. Many artists get paid to create AR murals, and technology also allows them to sell related products or services, such as app development or special filters.

The AR mural represents a unique and exciting way for artists to showcase their work and expand their creative potential.